3 Ways for Quality Assurance in Custom Die Casting

Continuing advances in die-cast processing and control technologies have helped die casters to achieve high levels of precision in the last few years. Also, the production capabilities of the die casters have increased multifold. 

Using Aluminum Die Castings for Electronic Enclosures

Are you in need of electronic enclosures? Many industries are — from rail to construction and manufacturing to marine equipment.

The Die Casting Manufacturing Process

What are you trying to solve?

What Metals and Alloys Are Commonly Used in Die Casting?

One of the strengths of die casting is the ability to leverage a variety of alloys in the process according to the needs of the part.

What is Die Casting?

In short, die casting is the method of injecting liquid metal into a reusable steel mold or die, very quickly, under high pressure.

Machining Or Die Casting: How To Choose

Die casting and machining both produce high quality parts, but depending on your project's specifications, it may make sense to use one process more than the other.

Are You Strategically Placing Your Parting Line?

How much thought are you giving to the placement of your parting line for die cast parts?

"The parting line of a die cast component represents where the two different sides of the mold come together. This line often (but not always) marks the border between the inside and outside of the part"

Poorly located parting lines can create many problems — cosmetic, functionality, tool life, production costs and so on.

This article from the North America Die Cast Association touches on the importance placing your parting line effectively.

If you want to read a more in depth article on decision criteria for parting line, this is a handy resource.

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Have a Seat and Tell Us More...

We’re all very busy in our work and we tend become guarded with our time – we have to be, right? We’re all just trying to make the best use of it. In doing so, sometimes we neglect things that would benefit from having our attention. 

Shockwave Seats

Shockwave seats have revolutionized the Marine and Motorsports industries and we're honoured to be producing parts for them.

Back to School

Our brand new 400 Ton Toshiba Die Cast Machine arrived from Japan to start the year off with increased capacity.

The Toshiba techs have been with us for over a week now to help complete the installation.

Much to our surprise we were graced with the presence of a Toshiba Die Cast guru, Gary Durkin. Gary offered our team an impromptu training session over the weekend. Our Die casters were eager to learn and spent Saturday with Gary in a 2 session approach. The morning was spent in our boardroom absorbing everything there was to know about the controls and features of the new machine. The team then spent the afternoon with hands-on training to apply everything they had learnt earlier in the day.

We are looking forward to being in full production with this machine in mid February!