Have a Seat and Tell Us More...

Aug 27, 2019 9:11:31 AM


We’re all very busy in our work and we tend become guarded with our time – we have to be, right? We’re all just trying to make the best use of it. In doing so, sometimes we neglect things that would benefit from having our attention. 

At Simalex we’ve found that our clients gain the most when they take the time to explain their product to us at length and give us the big picture of what they want the outcome to be. Knowing the steps that come before our scope through to the end use allows us to become an extension of your team as opposed to being a simple order taker. These conversations can have many benefits from a better fit to a lower cost design.

You have a great idea; we have the Design support and Engineering experience to help that idea come to life. We promise to listen if you’ll sit down and tell us all about it.