Machining Or Die Casting: How To Choose

Aug 27, 2019 9:34:44 AM Die Casting, CNC Machining


Die casting and machining both produce high quality parts, but depending on your project's specifications, it may make sense to use one process more than the other.

Benefits of Die Casting

  • Lowest cost-per-piece for high volumes (10,000+ pieces)
  • Provides the smoothest finish
  • Allows for thinner walls and tight tolerances

Benefits of CNC Machining

  • Automated, high speed and highly efficient
  • Predictable delivery dates
  • Excellent repeatability and part consistency

With die casting, the initial cost can be higher as a custom mold must be created. However, if you are planning on running 10,000 or more parts, the initial cost pays for itself, as parts can be precisely and efficiently produced. CNC machining may be a good fit for your project if you need to run less than 10,000 pieces. Machining can also be a good fit if you require tens of thousands, or even millions, of pieces, and need each part to be precisely accurate with extremely little variation.

If you are unsure which process is the best fit for your needs, contact one of our machining and die casting experts today. We're happy to consult on your project, and offer solutions to ensure your company's tooling costs stay on budget, and parts arrive on-time.